Friday, June 18, 2010

TVD's Four Way Giveaway! Mittenfields, Bellflur, Mariage Blanc, Malin Nilsson, Friday (6/18) at Velvet Lounge

Typically for our ticket giveaway contests, we make you guys do something...y'know...pen an ode, jump through a hoop, an oragami likeness of yours truly—something that takes a bit of effort.

But for Velvet Lounge's Friday night bill with Mittenfields, Bellflur, Mariage Blanc, and Malin Nilsson, we're putting in the effort all week to set you up for one grand time indeed, so we're going to go easy this time out.

Just get at us in the comments to this post or to any one of our Four Way posts this week and simply toss your name into the ring along with some contact info (important!) and that will suffice as an entry.

That's it. No fanfare needed, no origami Jons. ( I have a roomful of 'em.)

We'll choose one winner this Friday (6/18) at noon for a pair of tickets.

Easy, right?


Jess Mess said...

I love Bellflur! Hope to be able to see them! They're music is so dynamic!

matthew said...

Can't wait for Mittenfields to take the stage! Go Sadie! Free tickets would be nice too. :)


Christina said...



Anonymous said...

Sadie is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Would love tix! To see Bellflur, Mittenfields, etc.


Healer Explorer said...

Mittenfields, and every entity starting with "M," is awesome. And deserves free tickets. -Miriam (