Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's The Dig's Vinyl District!

“When I walk into a record store my instinct is usually to head straight for either the Beatles or the Bob Dylan section and buy 'Blonde on Blonde' or 'Rubber Soul' for the 16th time. By now I own enough copies of those albums and have started to look for other records to add to my collection.

Recently I was thumbing through the blues section at Bleeker Street Records and came across the album 'That’s My Story: John Lee Hooker Sings the Blues.' The cover caught my attention right away, so I took a chance, bought the album and went home to listen to it. What struck me immediately was the sound of his voice. There is warmth and eeriness to it that I’ve never heard in any other singer.

The vibrato that he drops into every song has a dark and ominous quality that shakes the speakers and makes you feel afraid when he sings lines like, “Next time I tell you, I’m gonna use my rod.”

I keep all my records together in a box, except for this one, which I keep on my coffee table so I never have to look for it."

—David Baldwin, Guitars, Vocals

The Dig - You're Already Gone (Mp3)
The Dig - Two Sisters in Love (Mp3)
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