Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's The Dig's Vinyl District!

...annnd we're back from a brief birthday hiatus on the very day The Dig release the brand new, highly recommended, 'Electric Toys.'

To herald the release we've got the boys hanging out and blogging with us all week—talking vinyl, record stores, and everything in between. And of course we've got some opportunities to win copies of 'Electric Toys' and tickets to see the band live later today.

For now, sit back and relax—the band's in the driver seat. It's The Dig's Vinyl District—we just work here.

“I started a record collection not too long ago. I remember buying CD's growing up. I would go to the Punk Rock section of my favorite record store (The Record Alley, in Palm Desert California) and pick out a band that I'd never heard of; try to find something that jumped out at me.

Usually the band was awful, but because I spent at least $10 on the CD, I'd convince myself I liked it. CD's have a sentimental value to them. You can explore the lyrics and artwork and it affects the way you hear the music.

Vinyl is even more powerful in this way. One of my favorite records that I've been listening to non-stop is a Best Of record by the Ventures. I love listening to their songs on vinyl because it brings out a rawness in their music. I'd really like to come across a live Ventures record....know of any I should check out?"
—Erick Eiser, Keyboards, Guitar

"I was really young (maybe 5 or 6) and found a bunch of my dad's 45s in an old coffee table drawer. I quickly ran to the record player to play them and I remember the one that stuck out to me the most was a Hall & Oates record which had the song "Private Eyes" on it. Great song.

I remember the sound, the music and the rhythm of that track always grabbed my attention. Lots of great hooks, killer guitar solo that I still remember. Didn't really understand what the lyrics meant but they were simple and catchy and easy to sing along to. I'll never forget that experience."

—Jamie Alegre, Drums

The Dig - You're Already Gone (Mp3)
The Dig - Two Sisters in Love (Mp3)
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