Friday, May 14, 2010

The Steelwells' Vinyl District Takeover!

So, now on to The Steelwells' Top 10 Records of All Time. One of my favorite things about this list is the genres it spans.

Robbie - The Jackson 5 (the Greatest Hits album) and John Scofield (Uberjam)

Jon - The Beastie Boys (Ill Communication) and Miles Davis (Kind of Blue)

Billy - Django Reindharet (Paris 1945 and Brussels 1947) and Ray Lamontagne (Gossip in the Grain)

Andrew - Department of Eagles (In Ear Park) and Rilo Kiley (More Adventurous)

Joey - Jeff Buckley (Live At Sin-é) and The Beatles (Abbey Road)

This definitely explains our jam sessions. In our jam/writing sessions we tend to cover a multitude of musical styles. Inevitably I wind up screaming at the top of my lungs like a demonic version of James Brown; or in a free-style rap contest. No, we can’t rap. But I do enjoy making my lyrics up on the spot or just scatting as nonsensically as possible not unlike Jeff’s cover of The Way Young Lovers Do. Of course his actually sounds good.

My final assessment of all of the top influences of the band actually does leave me a bit more enlightened. I did have an idea of where we all stood but this just puts it all in a bit a clearer light. If there is one thing we all have in common it is the simple idea that music is powerful and can be just as powerful with one person or five or fifteen. What matters is honesty, hard work, and constant introspection.

It has been a pleasure sharing with you our music and our thoughts. If you from Orange County or are passing through town look us up and come out to a show.

I will leave you with some great places to go around here like Burger Records (link to ) that has the best selection of vinyl that I have found in Orange County. Another great place for vintage anything at a fair price and just one of the nicest businesses (owned by a member of the band Middle Class an old Fullerton punk band that changed punk rock) in Fullerton is Out of Vogue.

We also buy as much of our music gear as we can afford at Jim’s Music in Tustin, Ca. No, we do not get special deals for promoting them we just really, really like this music shop. Good people, good gear. I think I might sell that slogan to them if they want it. Finally, my favorite place to eat local and organic food is at Rialto Café in Fullerton, Ca. Eat and make love.

The Steelwells - Boxes (Mp3)
The Steelwells - The End (Mp3)

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