Friday, April 2, 2010

TVD's The Idelic Hour

Soulfood | Hey — today is Good Friday what better day to pose the question, what does the word Soul mean? I was thinking about the expression “the gospel truth,” it has a nice musical ring to it. The soul, while defying all boundaries, is there at the “heart” of it. For me it’s a vibe all about instinct and intuition.

What is indescribable with words is easy recognizable through music. Soul became a genre of music almost as quick as rock n roll. Over the last few years I’ve revisited, re-discovered, and for myself as a fan, redefined the genre.

Soul power and songwriting ability are two traits I cherish most on a record. It’s not always easy to find a contemporary artist with these qualities and as a result this mix came together like an egg that was not so easy to crack. I started with mostly old seven inches. My plan was to add a few new songs and a couple of 70’s artists who must have been listening to all those great 60’s soul records.

Highlights in the mix… “Tighten Up” new from The Black Keys, Solomon Burke’s Bob Dylan cover, LA’s Fritz and The Tantrums as they go right to the top, and Tinariwen who roam the Sahara desert with soul crushing guitar licks!

Dig deep, fill your cup, and enjoy Good Friday with “soulfood.”


The Idelic Hour [4/2/2010] (Mp3, 87Mg)

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Dollar Bill said...

I think true Soul is when the artist is able to deliver the song, not only as their own, but as part of themselves.

Regardless of if they wrote the lyrics or music, they believe and in turn we do as well.

Like a scene from Indiana Jones,ripped from within, the still beating heart held up high for all to see and for us to say "Damn, that looks like it would hurt!".

It doesn't always have to be a sad song, just raw and honest, with more emphasis on conveying the emotion, rather than just slick production.