Friday, April 2, 2010

TVD Sunday Hangover | Bmore gets Bonkers for Major Lazer!

I like to think of Wednesdays as 'Pseudo-Fridays.'

Last night I made the trek ALL THE WAY TO BALTIMORE (blech) to take-part in the epic insanity that was Major Lazer at Bourbon Street. Most. Epic. Party. Ever.

Major Lazer is the collaborative dancehall/dj project from djs/producers Diplo & Switch. Diplo is well-known for his collaborations with M.I.A. while Switch is better known for his ubiquitous house remixes.

Although I had never been to Bourbon, the venue was surprisingly HUGE, with a stellar rooftop patio to smoke cigarettes and whatnot. Despite my general dislike of Baltimore, I was actually very impressed with this spot.

Between the hour-long drive equipped with bottled-water-disguised-vodka to the underage drunk/raver kids recklessly hump-dancing and crowd-surfing, I think I time-traveled back to highschool last night. I got in that zip-car and all of a sudden I was 17 and heading to an HFStival, all over again.

The sold-out show was packed solid with crazy mofos ranging from the jersey-shore-esque bro’s to the neon-ed out raver chicks to the not-so-sober underage kids (there were far to many of these). Somehow I managed to get 5feet in front of the stage in a sea of sweaty moshers where the energy was so wild and insane I think I blacked out sans booze. Frontman Skerrit Bwoy dominated the crowd with his dynamic and unstoppable energy and the entire room was fist-pumping and jumping in unison amidst the neon green laser-lights and fog. A suit-clad Diplo worked his turntable magic in the background while a dancing gorilla and a scantily clad, sweaty, gorgeous girl teased the crowd (who looked exactly like Rachel True, i.e. ‘Mary Jane’ from Half Baked).

The show was absolutely bonkers (true delirium hit at Pon De Floor) and it may have been the most fun I’ve had in my entire life (did I just say that?! Yes, I did.). I left the Major Lazer show five pounds lighter, reeking of stale booze and cigarettes and drenched in the sweat of 50 strangers.

Bottom line: Major Lazer Show = blown ear drums, insane mosh pits, reckless daggering, and rave-sational underage kids on E.

Hear Morgan Tepper's interview with Diplo & Switch @ WVUA here.

Major Lazer - Hold the Line ft. Mr. Lexx & Santigold - Album Edit (Mp3)
Major Lazer - Pon De Floor [Ernold Sane Remix] (Mp3)

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