Thursday, April 8, 2010

TVD Fresh Tracks | New from Olney Clark

If you hang out here enough, you've gotten a sense of my tatse(s) in some things. So when I suggest that Olney Clark might be well positioned among your Elbows, your Bathers, your Arnolds, and perhaps even your Blue Niles, do yourself a favor and give a listen.

That first swell of strings in 'Josefin the Writer' might have you thinking I'm right.

Olney Clark is a dreamy journey lead by duo Grant Olney and Barry DeBakey. Written during Olney's Ph.D. in algorithmic algebraic geometry in Edinburgh, Scotland and Clark's lost months of limbo and relocation from Los Angeles to Texas following the death of his father and grandfather, best friends Grant Olney and Barry DeBakey wrote the songs that would become the self-titled album as both a celebration of the gifts of solitude and a warning of their costs.

"Tea and Thunderstorms" is a stunning orchestral piece from Olney Clark's debut self-titled album, available next Tuesday, April 13th. The album, which is available for pre-order here comes with two bonus tracks when the digipack or vinyl format are purchased.

Olney Clark - Josefin The Writer (Mp3)
Olney Clark - Tea And Thunderstorms (Mp3)

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