Thursday, April 8, 2010

TVD Fresh Track | New from Amanda Palmer

After a long legal battle with her label Roadrunner Records to get dropped, Amanda Palmer announced yesterday that she has been released from her contract. In celebration, Amanda is very pleased to be able to – for the first time since the year 2003 – offer you a brand new and previously unreleased song for download from her house to yours….legally and free of charge. For background, to read the lyrics, get the scoop on the free track's name and more, click here.

" many of you know, i’ve been fighting very, very hard to get off the label for the better part of two years. for the past seven years, anything i have written and recorded (solo or with my band, The Dresden Dolls) has technically been owned and under the ultimate control of the label, but no longer. after endless legal bullshit, it’s over, i’ve been DROPPED, RELEASED, LET GO, whatever you wanna call it. in other words: i am FREE AT LAST!!!!!! RAAHH!!"

Amanda Palmer - Do You Swear To Tell The Truth The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth So Help Your Black Ass (Mp3)


Anonymous said...

Many have been calling it pathetic that Amanda Palmer has to stoop so slow as to try throwing racial slurs around to get attention. Because she is so quick to include a disclaimer she must certainly be aware of how offensive the statement she is making is regardless of it's origin. What bothers me more is that no black person on the face of the earth is going to want to investigate her reasons for naming a song this way. It seems that although her primary intention with the song is just to get attention, she doesn't mind it one little bit if along the way she has to offend every single black person that hears about her.

If the public's interests in Amanda Palmer's songs were not dwindling so much, this move may seem exciting in a push-the-boundaries-of-racism kind of way. But as time goes by Amanda Palmer seems less and less interested in making good music rather than getting hits from search engines. Both devout fans and more casual listeners have become increasingly annoyed by this once quasi-celebrity stooping so low as to try out YouTube tactics such as covering the most popular songs of the moment to increase the likelihood of getting your link clicked.

Were it not for this kind of of desperation one could reason that Amanda Palmer really was so naive as to think that a song with such a racist title couldn't possibly be racist because Dr. Dre said it first and who could love black people more than Dr. Dre? But what comes across more clearly is that Amanda is not concerned with offending black people in the slightest since she is obviously never going to have any black fans anyway. Instead, she is actively trying to simply make a spectacle of herself in the hopes of attracting any attention at all.

And the icing on the cake? The song in question feels meaningless, emotionless, and dull. It is a song in scientific terms but lacks quality to the point that one must wonder if it was written solely to justify naming something--anything--with the racially offensive title.

Both former Dresden Dolls fans and people who never liked her in the first place regularly trash Amanda's blatant disregard quality. Those of us closer to Amanda are even beginning to speculate that she is nearing a nervous breakdown over the fact that she is lucky to get twenty people at a solo performance without a larger act backing her up. Most of us, though, are just sick of her showing up at shows with acts we actually like watching and hoping that she fizzles sooner rather than later.

Kathy said...

Evelyn, Evelyn features Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls check them out -

romy said...

In her recent Melbourne concert Amanda Palmer somehow climbed up on to the left hand tier of The Forum and in amongst the dilapidated statues and with no mic, just a ukulele in hand, closed the night with an acoustic cover of Radiohead’s Creep. An absolutely incredible show where you couldn’t have asked for any more