Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's Gold Motel's Vinyl District Ticket & EP Giveaway

The seasoned TVD reader probably saw this coming from a mile away: theme week = sweet, sweet giveaway. . . and our stay with Gold Motel will be no different.

As we mentioned yesterday, Gold Motel's playing two nights in our backyard and we've got tickets for both of them as well as the debut EP for two select winners. You've got your choice between Thursday's (4/29) show at DC9 here in the District or Friday night (4/30) at M.I.C.A. in Baltimore.

We're just going to ask you to plead your case in the comments to this post as to why you should win the tickets for the night of your choice as well as the EP. Let us know in which city you'd like to see the band (and leave us some contact info!) and we'll choose a winner before noon on the day of each gig. Now. . . go!

Gold Motel - Make Me Stay (Mp3)
Gold Motel - Perfect In My Mind (Mp3)


grey.skies.dark.lies said...

I first heard Gold Motel a few months ago. I had been a fan of The Hush Sound, who had inspired me to struggle through my mundane and difficult times of piano and also to pursue vocal training and performing. I had taken a hiatus from listening to the Hush Sound because they seemed to be taking a hiatus as well. Then I found "Perfect In My Mind" on YouTube and I was pleased to hear Ms. Greta Salpeter's skills once more. Since then, I've enjoyed listening to the new songs and watching Gold Motel through its first songs and EP and (soon!) album. It's been cool to watching this band expand and continue to expand. Their music is a pleasure, and I'd be honored to win this contest and EP. As for a preferred date, the April 30, 2010 in Baltimore works more. I don't know how else to make myself seem worthy of winning other than saying that I enjoy Gold Motel's music and would adore winning such a fine prize. I never could make a convincing argument, but I hope you hear my plea for good music!
Since I don't want to post my address here, I'll just give my e-mail address. If by some crazy twist of Fate or some celestial force I am chosen as a winner, you can contact me at and I can e-mail more necessary information.
Thank you very much for this opportunity! I'm looking forward to more music, whether it be won by a contest or not. KEEP ROCKING!

Anonymous said...

While I only discovered The Hush Sound this past summer, I fell for their sound hard and fast. When I heard Greta (keep mistyping Greta as Great, true either way) Salpeter was starting a new project, I was excited because she has such amazing musical talents. I have not been disappointed with the new Gold Motel songs. "Perfect in My Mind" keeps getting stuck in my head, and it really helps me keep upbeat at work.

I'd love to see Gold Motel at the DC9 show on April 29. You can contact me at jrho.jrho at gmail dot com on the off chance I win.

Thanks to The Vinyl District for having the giveaway, and thanks to Gold Motel for leading me to The Vinyl District. I'd never read y'all before, but I'm definitely going to from now on.