Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Gold Motel's Vinyl District! | The Chicago Sound

Brooklyn, New York, Austin, and Nashville are all major musical cities with very recognizable musical sounds.

Chicago, however, still seems to be searching for a musical identity that reflects the city's up-beat, classic, easy going nature. There's a smart, quirky pop movement happening in Chicago and the rest of the US deserves to be let in on all the fun we're having.
Here are the five songs I feel best represent the Chicago pop scene:

Sars Flannery

Empty Gun (Mp3)

The Yearbooks

She Did It With Her Eyes (Mp3)

This Is Me Smiling

Mixin' Up Adjectives (Mp3)

The Hush Sound

Love You Much Better (Mp3)


Various Kitchen Utensils (Mp3)

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