Monday, March 15, 2010

TVD's Ten Weeks of Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaways - Week 6

We’ve been Fanfarlo fans since their First Date with us last summer and now you have your opportunity to catch them on the road at the moment with Robert Francis in tow.

As an homage of sorts to the teamed tour, our second Record Store Day Vinyl 2010 Giveaway this week is the pairing of Fanfarlo’s debut LP, ‘Reservoir’ and an autographed 7” of Robert Francis’ ‘Junebug’ single off his ‘Before Nightfall’ album.

The rules can't be any simpler for our RSD2010 Vinyl Giveaways. All you need to do to enter to win is to leave a comment in the comments section to that week's giveaway letting us know why you deserve to win that week's LP.

Be creative, funny, incisive—whatever it takes to grab our attention to deem you the winner. Most important however is to leave us a contact email address! You can be brilliant as hell, but if we can't track ya' down, you're out of the running.

All winners will all be notified on Monday (3/22) upon the launch of the next RSD2010 Vinyl Giveaway!


Kyle said...

Fanrarlo is one of my favorite bands out there in the indie world. I would love to be able to put this record in my record player and have a wine party. It would be magical... please make this happen.

Kelly said...

I missed their gig in Arlington, VA last fall due to an unexpected, last-minute weekend visit from my mother. I heard it was awesome. We went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, but I'm sure that was equally as good. Right? RIGHT! ::cough::

Babee said...

This record will never be released in my country and the band will probably never come here either. So you can imagine how important this is to me and my collection.

I'm a vinyl collector from Brazil and as a huge vinyl fan, i really enjoy your blog and couldnt let this chance to win escape. :)

You can send me an email just to chat too

Zack Teibloom said...

I'll quote Fanfarlo to tell you why I deserve the vinyl.

"I'm a Pilot" - I founded and to spread the love of live music and to keep the record stores alive. "It's all I believe in, It's all I believe in."

"Finish Line" The first time I heard Fanfarlo, "I must have been taken by surprise. I must have lost my head. Speak to me, if you can."

"Luna" I need this vinyl on my wall. "I can’t wait. And if we’re kicking up a fuss, it’s only cause we must."

"If It Is Growing" "Oh, they will comment." But will they all take the time to put something together and spend all their free time and money on a site dedicated to vinyl?

Thank you.