Friday, March 5, 2010

TVD's Sarathan Records Parting Shots

"Well, it's Friday - the last day of our Sarathan Records spotlight.

This week, each band shared an exclusive song, selected just for The Vinyl District in celebration of the upcoming Record Store Day (April 17th). Don't fret that our week is over - we have more music to share! Two more songs from Thunder Buffalo, Two Loons for Tea, Feral Children, Peter Bradley Adams and War Tapes.

Thanks so much for hanging out and letting us share our record store memories - now go out and make your own!"

War Tapes - The Night Unfolds (Mp3)
(From 'The Continental Divide')
Feral Children - On a Frozen Beach (Mp3)
(From 'Brand New Blood')
Thunder Buffalo - BeBop Sing-A-Long (Mp3)
(From 'Thunder Buffalo' s/t)
Two Loons For Tea - Monkey 3:49 (Mp3)
(From 'Nine Lucid Dreams')
Peter Bradley Adams - For You (Mp3)
(From 'Traces')
Feral Children - Universe Design (Mp3)
(From 'Brand New Blood')
Two Loons For Tea - Blue Suit (Mp3)
(From 'Looking For Landmarks')
Thunder Buffalo - Gloomy In Us All (Mp3)
(From 'Thunder Buffalo' s/t)
Peter Bradley Adams - Always 4:00 (Mp3)
(From 'Leavetaking')
War Tapes - Dreaming of You (Mp3)
(From 'The Continental Divide')

Our thanks to
Jonathan Kochmer, founder of Sarathan Records, and Jessica Drenkel for her tireless coordination this week.

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