Friday, March 5, 2010

TVD's Record Store Day 2010 Label Showcase | Sarathan Records

I used to intern for a record label when I lived in Washington, DC. One of my responsibilities was visiting the many record stores in and around the DC area and hang up posters for the different bands I was helping to promote.

One of the band's posters that I hung up was a two sided poster, one of the sides was a full band shot and the other was an album cover shot. Whenever I hung up the album cover side of the poster I would tear off the white bar that was perforated. But the other side of the white strip was one of the band members faces. I remember always feeling bad for some reason tearing off this poor guy! Sometimes I would end up with a big stack of this one band member and would feel so sad throwing him away!

This went on for about a month at each and every record store I visited. One day the band from the poster came through DC, I was supposed to meet them and help out the label! When I met the band member who's face I had stared at for a month I felt like I knew him already! It was so weird! What's weirder is that he is now my husband and the drummer of War Tapes!
Becca Popkin, Bassist and backing vocals

Growing up in Hawai'i, it was difficult to find new music as there was little to no touring bands rolling through town. And it was always a gamble when ordering mail order through an ad in Maximum Rock n' Roll.

There was one local music store called Jelly's that was a small indie store that also carried comics, books, baseball cards, d&d stuff, magic card stuff, novelty toys, and anything else nerdy that you would ever want. It was like a haven for every skateboarding punk kid in west Oahu and we would spend hours peeling through the new and used tapes and cd's.

They had a small vinyl section and I remember that they usually only stocked one of each 7" single. My friends and I were convinced that this was the best deal because a punk rock 7" would usually have 4-9 songs on the 14 minute record. AND it would only cost like $3.50. So it was always a race to purchase the new 7" from bands like Screeching Weasel, the Queers, Green Day, Op Ivy, anything off of Lookout or Epitaph records really, Bad Religion, and bands like Youth of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, Naked Raygun, etc.

You had to be on it and we knew the delivery schedule for when to check for new digs. Almost every record I bought between the age of 11 to 17 was from that store. And those were the records that defined who I was and who I was going to be. For Real.

—Matthew Bennett,

War Tapes - Supposed Human (Mp3)
(Exclusive TVD/Record Store Day Track!)

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