Wednesday, March 24, 2010

TVD's Record Store Day 2010 Label Showcase | Daptone Records

Over the course of the past few weeks and in the weeks to come, we've been blessed with whip-smart, take-charge coordinators at each label we've highlighted who've helped us put together and navigate our Record Store Day 2010 Label Showcases.

The odd this is though, we've yet to hear from one on the blog—until today as we're joined by The Honeydripper, Daptone’s right hand (wo)man and Soul DJ.

Big City Records is responsible for a huge portion of my record collection. Run by the previous owners of the original “The Sound Library” which was located on 13th street in the LES…Big City Records is just around the corner and opened in 2006. They are the place to go for Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul/Funk and Latin LP’s and 45’s, and they also carry a good amount of our catalog.

The guys running the place are DJ’s themselves and have an incredible taste and knowledge in music, nothing more important when running a record shop right? They are also very out-going and are known to pay attention to the stuff you like to buy and make sure to throw stuff your way to check out next time you’re in which is exactly what I hope to do when I’m record shopping…find new records that are up my alley and in great condition. If you have a record you’ve been after, mention it won’t be forgotten until one comes in.

They are located on a quiet street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. But don’t let the small size of the shop fool you, there are no fillers, you won’t find a bad record in there making it a favorite stop for many hi-profile producers as well.

The LES is home to two other record shops you should absolutely hit up after Big City Records and that’s Academy Records (415 East 12th St. - They also have a Brooklyn location) and Good Records (218 East 5th Street ). Big City Records is located on 521 East 12th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B and below are some of my favorite purchases made there, all for a whole lot less then I would have paid had I gone to ebay.

The Four Puzzles “Especially For You Baby”
Deniece Chandler & Lee Sain “Hey Baby”
Carl Carlton “I Can Feel It”
The Harvey Averne Dozen “You’re No Good”
O’Jays “Shattered Man”

The Four Puzzles - Especially For You Baby (Mp3)
Carl Carlton - I Can Feel It (Mp3)
The Harvey Averne Dozen - You’re No Good (Mp3)

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