Wednesday, March 24, 2010

TVD Ticket (and CD and tee shirt!) Giveaway | Imperial China, Friday (3/26) at Velvet Lounge w/ Busses & Cephalopods

It's no understatement—we're hooked on Imperial China's latest, 'Phosphenes' which our friends over at Aural States championed with, "Phosphenes is a testament to Imperial China’s distinct sound, meticulously alloying innumerable flavors of rock and pop into something both fresh and familiar. . .overall the album is a confident, well-developed debut of a unique and vibrant voice in a somewhat stagnant scene. A sign of a fertile future for both artist and label, and if we’re lucky, one of the first major volleys in a bonafide new movement.

No faint praise there, hm?

The band is fresh off the road and ready to rally the locals this Friday night at Velvet Lounge and they're bringing along Cephalopods, (including Hugh McElroy, Fiona Griffin, and Wells Bennett), Busses, and Lo Moda (from Baltimore).

Now, typically this is where I announce that we've got a pair of tickets to give away - and we do. But the band's also tossed in the new 'Phosphenes' CD and your choice of one of the two tee shirts shown below in the: Mother of All Imperial China Giveaways.

You know you want to be there Friday night with the tee shirt on your back and the CD in your pocket. Let us know just how much the Mother of All Imperial China Giveaways would complete your weekend and the most over the top of you with your plea in the comments to this post—with contact email info!—takes it all home.

You've got til Friday (3/26) at 3PM!

Imperial China - Invincible (Mp3)
Imperial China - Go Where Airplanes Go (Mp3)


Ross Hurt said...

I lost all my clothes in an apartment fire. Can I have a t-shirt?

Donny said...

I started an apartment fire to impress imperial china. Do I win?

KRIS said...

i censored google to impress Imperial China, pick me!

theiroldershitwasbetter said...

I have 5 shows in a row starting tonite and I will wear that nice looking red Imperial China shirt at all 5 shows if I win!!!