Tuesday, March 9, 2010

TVD Ticket & Vinyl Giveaway | Casper Bangs, Saturday, March 13 at The Black Cat

We're on the record as saying, "To be clear, we think DC's Casper Bangs is f'n great" and not one bit of our enthusiasm has waned, thank you. But don't take our word for it - find out for yourself.

We've got a pair of tickets to the see the band this Saturday night (3/13) with Midnight Kids at The Black Catand the recent "Whitespace" 7" for one of you guys to claim in the comments to this post.

From Dischord where you can purchase the 7": Latest release from former Hard Tomorrows member. This 7" is a preview of Casper Bangs’ full-length record, I Woke Up. It was written and performed by Rob Pierangeli at his desktop computer in the midst of relational bliss - it's a document of a good thing that ultimately goes bad. The songs contain strong unaffected vocals balanced with harmony, layers of noisy guitars, and reverb.

This great looking 7" is on white vinyl, has a single level embossed cover and is a split release between Planaria and North Sea Records.

Limited Edition: 500 copies, hand numbered. Comes with a free 5 song download of the 'Casper Bangs' EP.

There you have it - a pair of tickets for Saturday night's show and the 7" as a way of arm-twisting you into becoming a Casper Bangs convert. You're welcome.

Plead your case for both in the comments to this post—with contact info!—and the one that's suitably convincing will take home the tickets and the vinyl. You have til noon on Friday (3/12) to get as us!

Casper Bangs - Skylark (Mp3)
Casper Bangs - Night Train (Mp3)

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Valerie said...

yes please - tickets more than the vinyl :)