Tuesday, March 9, 2010

TVD Fresh Tracks | New Paul Weller

Paul Weller releases his tenth studio solo album "Wake Up The Nation" on April 19th on Island Records and 2 new tracks from the forthcoming album have been remixed. The album's title track "Wake Up The Nation" has been remixed by Zinc, and single "No Tears To Cry" has had a reworking by Leo Zero.

Lean, mean and as uncompromisingly focused as it's maker, "Wake Up The Nation" also brings Paul Weller full circle: twenty-eight years on from The Jam's split, two tracks feature the former bassist Bruce Foxton. The album also sees contributions from My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields, The Move's Bev Bevan and legendary session drummer Clem Cattini.

Paul Weller - Wake Up The Nation [Zinc Remix] (Mp3)
Paul Weller - No Tears To Cry [Leo Zero Remix] (Mp3)


Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to this latest album from Weller. By all accounts there are some great tracks on it. Not really a fan of the Zinc remix, though. Like the Leo Zero one a bit more.
Can't wait for April!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I didn't come around, Weller did. Finally, kicking to the curb his stubborn, fruitless, luddite, rockist albatross to make my kind of cd. Perhaps his first post-modern release since Modernism. I cannot tell you how heartening this is. 22 Dreams was a good start but this is the real deal- it's simply fearless for a man of 51 to do such a thing. Maybe it all started with Steve White leaving. Maybe it's a mid-life crises and a desire to prove something to his kids. Track after track this one's a winner- I have listened to this now twice aghast.. perhaps he will redeem himself after the debacle of a concert in Amsterdam- one that had me both give up on him (nearly) forever.

I'm off to the cd shop today to buy the double release with all the remixes- let's hope we get a Japan-only goody with it! This will be the first money he's seen from me since that concert.