Wednesday, March 17, 2010

TVD Sunday Hangover | YACHT at Rock n Roll (3/15)

REPEAT AFTER ME: “The world may end in my life-time, but my energy will go on.”

That was the beginning of the new-age mantra chanted by party-goers at last nights YACHT show at Rock n Roll hotel. YACHT, who consist of a dude (Jona Bechtolt formerly of the Blow) and a badass chick (Claire L. Evans) are much more than just a musical duo, oh no, YACHT are a way of life!

The duo, aside from creating awesomely groovable tunes, seem to ponder the bigger picture, the meaning of life. Many of their lyrics are very liberally themed, challenging conventional beliefs about the afterlife (‘will we go to heaven, or will we go to hell? / it’s my understanding that neither are real’) and death (‘it’s not a place you go / it’s a place that comes to you). Probably not an album you wanna play for your grandma.

The band even sold a $5 booklet called ‘The Secret Teachings of the Mystery Lights’ detailing some of their far-out philosophies (which yes, I bought). (For more about the meaning of ‘Mystery Lights’ see BYT’s recent and very interesting interview and definitely check out YACHT's mission statement.

Don’t get me wrong though, this was not a sermon! Jona and Claire were also naturally hilarious, interacting with the audience to the perfect extent. A quick Q&A with the audience led to discussions about urban planning, the sleeping habits of cats (aka my new bands name) and the strange noises that come from JTT’s (Jonathon Taylor Thomas… duh.) elf-like face. Some funny cats, those two!

Despite all of that fun dissident ish, it is still the music that was clearly the highlight of the night. Think Talking Heads meets B-52’s with all of the eccentricities included (two of my all time favorite bands…. Claire definitely delivered on the Kate Pierson-esque vocals). YACHT, who are on DFA Records and will soon be touring with LCD Soundsystem, first caught my attention with their tremendously dancey tracks like “I’m in Love with a Ripper” and “Don’t Fight the Darkness”. I can honestly say the only time I stopped gettin my boogie on last night was to down my Amstel.

BOTTOM LINE: YACHT = fucking awesome.

SIDE-NOTE: I also had the pleasure of swinging by the very new and not-yet-open U Street Music Hall last night and was BLOWN AWAY. This spot is gonna be very hot, and the official opening, Wednesday night with Belgium DJ Duo Aeroplane should be out of this world. Get your tix now.

YACHT - I'm In Love With A Ripper (Mp3)
YACHT - Don't Fight The Darkness (Mp3)


2Tuff said...

sounds like a cool show, nice review!!!

i'd love to get my hands on "The Secret Teachings of the Mystery Lights" - very cool.

Nicole said...

why thanks 2Tuff :)