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TVD Live Tease | Lightfoot, Friday (3/19) at The Rock and Roll Hotel w/ The Junior League Band

We here at TVD have been chronicling of the ascent of our pal Jess (aka Lightfoot) over the the past number of months, and the narrative takes a giant leap forward this Friday night with the debut of her full band as openers for The Junior League Band at The Rock and Roll Hotel.

We were able to corner her for a sec for a bit of a Q&A leading up to Friday’s show:

We hear you have a big full band debut coming up?
You heard right! I have finally nailed down my official Lightfoot line up. I have a very talented, kind hearted, handsome group of boys playing with me. They have really brought my songs to life, and they keep me smiling.

Ha, was being a handsome a prerequisite for getting into Lightfoot?
No! But it certainly didn’t hurt ;)

So, who are these good looking guys?
The Lightfoot line up is…… (in ABC order so they don’t think I am playing favorites!)

Ian Graham - Bass, hats and well fitting pants (of Deville)
Sean Madden - Auxiliary, beards and sushi
Lex Paulson - Wurlitzer, Vox, scarves and poetry (of Child Ballads)
Erik Sleight - Lead Guitar, dork glasses and an occasional moustache (of Mittenfields)
Drew Thiemann - Drums, funk and wit (of These United States)

You seem to have a lot of blog coverage (from HipsterWifeHunting to ReadySetDC to Brightest Young Things) / Lightfoot websites (vimeo, facebook, tumblr, myspace, twitter, etc.) but I can’t seem to find much music online, are you in the process of recording?
Funny you ask that, recording has been sort of this Everest like task for me. Putting my music to tape is intimidating and although I enjoy the process of recording, it seems so final. My music has been organically developing for a few months now. I have a very particular sound I want for my first EP and now that I have an official band by my side I think the timing is finally right. I didn’t want to rush into recording while my project was still in the birthing stages. I am a completely different musician now then I was, say three months ago. And the same goes for my song writing.

What type of musician were you three months ago versus now?
Ha! I wasn’t one at all! Well, maybe I was. I’ve really only been playing guitar for a few months now. Actually learning how to play has been a total game changer for my song writing process. Look at my hands! They’re super gnarly, I show off my calluses and blisters with pride. It’s also killing my social life though, because ever since I bought my first guitar all I want to do is stay in and practice!

What type of guitar did you buy?
I have a small bodied Larivee. It once belonged to a local musician who I adore (who shall remain nameless for now); I bought it at Atomic. I love it. I take it on dates. I shower with it. I cuddle with it at night.

What else do you play?
Auto-harp, recorder, some piano, ukulele, glockenspiel, tambourine, flute, saxophone, kazoo, lap drum, finger snaps, and hand claps. Oh and harmonica! And bells. And the egg shaker. And spoons!

So you have plans to record then?
Of course! I am putting out an EP this summer, followed by a tour. I am also wrapping up a very simple, basement recording style demo to be released March 19th. Doing it myself just to flush out some songs that have been eating at my heart for a while now. I am only doing 150 pressings and each one is being hand silk screened/crafted by a local artist, so it will double as a limited edition piece of art. I’m pretty excited to see how it turns out!

Where can we buy this demo?
You can buy it in person at my show on March 19th with The Junior League Band at Rock and Roll Hotel. After that they will be sold on-line and at shows until they are all gone!

And just for fun, what’s on your record player right now?
Oh! This amazing classical piece, “Light Over Water” by John Adams. I just started taking ballet lessons (please hold your Lightfoot, Lightfeet jokes) and I would love to do some sort of routine to this album.

If you're on Facebook, RSVP for Lightfoot's full band debut right here.

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