Monday, March 8, 2010

TVD Fresh Track | New from Annuals

In 2006, Raleigh, NC band Annuals turned quite a few heads with their debut album, Be He Me. Their expansive, energetic sound and tight pop sensibility captured the hearts and ears of both listeners and critics. They released their sophomore album, Such Fun, on Canvasback Records, in 2008.

Now, armed with a reputation for solid songwriting and several years of experience, Annuals go back to the formula and sound that first cemented their acclaim.

The Sweet Sister EP marks band leader Adam Baker's return to the producer role, Annuals' return to a more tight-knit DIY collective, and a pure distillation of their trademark quirky pop experimentalism.

Sweet Sister will be released on Banter Records on March 30. Annuals will be touring in the spring.
Annuals - Loxtep (Mp3)

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