Monday, March 8, 2010

TVD Class of '72 | Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose

It's been another long while, but we've re-established contact with our correspondent from the '70s.

"Listen, man," he said when he checked in the other day. "You really have no idea just how hard it is to make that trip from the '70s."

"So what did he bring us
from the sweet blue haze of time?"

"Ah, I think you'll like this, man. It's another one from 1972."

Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose
emerged from the Miami area as the '70s dawned. Carter and Eddie Cornelius were indeed brothers, Rose was indeed their sister and another sister, Billie Jo, rounded out the group.

They're best known for two smash pop-soul singles,"Treat Her Like a Lady" from 1971 and "Too Late To Turn Back Now" from 1972. Both are on this LP, the self-titled "Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose" from 1972.

This was the high point of their career. The group broke up in 1976. Both brothers turned to careers that mixed music with the ministry. Eddie, who wrote most of the group's material, is still at it. Carter died in 1991. Rose, a gospel singer in the late '60s before the group was formed, also remains active.

So here's a sampling. One of the hits, one of the fine deep tracks and a rarely-heard cover.

Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose - Treat Her Like a Lady (Mp3)
Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose - Let Me Down Easy
Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose - Let's Stay Together [Al Green cover] (Mp3)

All from "Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose," 1972. The LP out of print. The first two cuts are available on this CD and digitally. The latter isn't found on any compilation.

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