Friday, February 26, 2010

WTVD | Freeform Parting Shots with Jon Sidel

Ten tracks to kick start your weekend courtesy of Jon Sidel—and just as they should be delivered—on radio:

The Icarus Line - We Sick | Plain and simple, there are not enough “desperados” in rock n roll these days. Joe Cardamone’s message has been simple. We know our lives are fucked but we’re gonna live em anyway. Sickkkk!

Broken Bells - Vaporize | James Mercer and Danger Mouse I just can’t resist! Looking forward to owning this LP!

Luther Russell - Motorbike | Rock n Roll journeyman has moved to Brooklyn and never sounded cooler! There are a few great bits on this release. Coming to Paris soon! Ep 12” out on Wool Records (France).

The Generationals - When They Fight, They Fight | I hear they’re from New Orleans and this record has soul 45 sound! Looking forward to seeing these kids at SXSW.

Bern Eliot and the Fenmen - New Orleans | Speaking of New Orleans this is a “merseybeat” take on the city’s early 60’s sound. The result is HOT!

Creature With The Atom Brain - The Color Of Sundown | At times this band sounds like early Monster Magnet. OK, any friends of Chris Goss & QOTSA, are friends of mine! From Transylvania Master album just out.

Les Blanks - Body Politic | From their new album due this spring. Loving this release! The vibe on this track screams rock n roll hoochie koo!

Paul “Sir Raggedy” Flagg - Moma Papa Romper Stomper | “Papa love mama, mama love papa too. They got a thing going on, call it a bugaloo” OK that’s my idea of Valentines Day records! Georgia soul circa 1967.

Yeasayer - Love Me Girl | Tons of cool songs on “Odd Blood.” Here’s the one I spun for Valentines Day. Their “proggy” use of sampling is very cool.

Active Child - She Was a Vision | This band is really buzzing over here in LA. Gotta say this song and artist are really growing on me. I spun it back to back with a Ted Neely song from Jesus Christ Superstar film soundtrack, those two have vocal skills…indeed!

The Idelic Hour [2/23/2010] (Mp3, 83Mg)

Rock on!

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