Friday, February 26, 2010

TVD First Date | Vedera

"Kansas City has always been a good place for local businesses to start up in hopes that the city will support and all will thrive. Streetside Records in Westport (home of the best bars and a haven for second hand/vintage clothing, great venues, and coffee shops) is where you'll see us chilling out when we're in town.

Though Streetside is a chain (allowing u to get all the new hits) there is also a thorough vinyl and used section, giving the shop a local feel. The staff are all super music lovers so we make it a point to check out their pick's of the week. Along with a grand selection with styles from jazz to hip hop, they also have a local section, supporting new music and giving artists a chance to sell their cds in stores. This is where we sold our very first e.p!!

The last music I picked up was the first Stars album (used, only five bucks), the latest Tegan and Sara, and a vinyl copy of O.K. Computer. I miss home already..."
—Kristen May

Vedera - Satisfy (Mp3)

Catch Vedera with Jack’s Mannequin on 3/3 and 3/4 at the 9:30.

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