Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's a TVD/Comedy Central, Sarah Silverman & Demetri Martin DVD Giveaway!

A while back we ascribed a number of things beyond vinyl as meeting a few simple aesthetics we appreciate. I mean, far be it for us to be simply one (analog) note, right?

Which is why we're pleased to have teamed up with Comedy Central to put into your laps some of our personal favorites that comprise a stellar evening of Thursday night television: it's a Comedy Central Prize Pack where we'll award one winner The Sarah Silverman Program, Season Two, Vol. One and Important Things with Demetri Martin, Season One on DVD!

Comedy Central doesn't trust us to hit all the high notes so they sent this along:

"Sarah Silverman. Demetri Martin. Back to back. Comedy Central is bringing you an all new Thursday night comedy block with the return of Important Things with Demetri Martin and The Sarah Silverman Program, every Thursday at 10/9c!

In the second season of his hit sketch comedy series, comedian Demetri Martin tackles more significant stuff and imperative items, and Sarah Silverman is back and ready to resume all the terrible language, unabashed ranting, and sweet, sweet self-absorption you’ve missed so much! Join us on Twitter here and here! Visit the Official Site for more!"

Riveting, hm?

One lucky winner will take home both DVD sets for simply singing the praises of both Comedy Central shows or Sarah and Demetri in particular in the comments to this post. We do these contests week in and week out, so you know by now what we're looking for—effusiveness please. Oh, and your contact info too
so we can let you know you won. Which is always good.

You've got a week to suitably
crack us up in the comments. We're closing this one on 2/25!


Lemmonex said...

Silverman is pretty but not afraid to look ugly for her comedy. Martin's foppish hair doesn't even annoy me--a testament to his funny. Love them both.

Colleen said...

Silverman is the greatest wise ass that has ever lived and I am sure that Comedy Central will cancel her show soon because every good thing must end. Long Live Sarah Silverman!!!
Silverman for President!

Betty said...
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damian said...

Comedy Thursdays has always been my favorite. If its not It's Always Sunny, Its Important Things and The Sarah Silverman Program. I had the priviledge of meeting her during comic con a couple years ago and still to this day nothing has topped that experience.

damian said...

pup don said...

Putting Sarah Silverman and Demetri Martin back to back is pure genius. Demetri, with his stoic delivery and offbeat comic style is like watching that kid in the corner of the playground who's putting on a show for you, complete with props and drawings. Then, on the other side of the playground is a girl with a magnifying glass frying ants but she's made such a big show of it you can't help find her both fascinating, horrifying and utterly hysterical. Alone they each have their own charm, but put together they compliment each other giving you an hour of total escapist entertainment, totally turning your world on end and showing it to you in a totally new light.

Jon said...

Thank you all for entering - we have our winner for the DVDs.