Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's a TVD/Bluebrain Interactive Contest!

Ryan from Bluebrain kicks it off:

"In the run-up to our free show at The Fridge this Saturday (1/16) and to our first album release, 'Soft Power' next month, The Vinyl District has asked us to do something a little different.

Some of you may have taken part in our boombox performance in short, we wrote a piece of music called 'Cakeblood' and bounced each track onto a different cassette tape, over 30 in all. Each of those were placed in one of the provided boomboxes.

We did a countdown, pressed play at the same time, and walked around the city as the piece played in (relative) synchronicity. The Vinyl District has requested that we do something similar that readers could try at home or in their office. So we've put together a short piece called 'The Last Place You Look'.

It's a little over 4 minutes long and only contains 4 distinct parts. All you need is a few computers with internet connection and the ability to download and play sound from each of them. So when your boss is out to lunch, you and three coworkers in neighboring cubicles can fill the office with an unexpected musical interlude.

It's very easy. Each person should download one of the 4 links below, load in iTunes, and press pause when it's at the beginning. Designate a member of your group to do a countdown and, on 'Go', everyone clicks play. Remember, if your computer is not playing music right away, fret not. Not every track starts right out of the gate.

Thank you and enjoy!"

Bluebrain - The Last Place You Look [Track 1] (Mp3)
Bluebrain - The Last Place You Look [Track 2] (Mp3)
Bluebrain - The Last Place You Look [Track 3] (Mp3)
Bluebrain - The Last Place You Look [Track 4] (Mp3)

Oh, riiight. The contest.

Any one of you who can prove you pulled this off—at work, or at home, or at Tryst, even - YouTube video or what have you—will get an autographed copy of the debut CD and a shit ton of bragging rights. (The show is free, after all.)

You have 'til Friday and we needn't say it but, ...'em—make it great.

...and we have a winner!


kb said...

This was really fun! We ended up making something more akin to a whole music video, hope you like it!

You can reach me at amaryllisrain at gmail dot com!

Jon said...

Color us impressed! Nice job!