Monday, December 7, 2009

TVD's Comet Ping Pong Calendar | December '09

By now we're thinking you know the drill: be the first to choose the show you want to see at Comet by calling it out in the comments to this post—and a pair of tickets is yours. One winner per show too. Easy, right?

ArmChairs / Exit Clov / Circadian Rhythms
The Armchairs stand up for the hungry kids. Playing together since February 2008, this unlikely quartet puts on intense live shows that feature (but are not limited to) readings from the communist manifesto, hot dog costumes, light-up helmets, abrupt tempo changes, and audience participation. Drawing influence from bands such as The Kinks, The Zombies, Deerhoof, and Ween, The Armchairs have only just begun to unleash their fury on the unsuspecting public. Two DIY tours of the eastern seaboard, countless regional & NYC gigs (Pianos, Lit Lounge, Union Pool, Death by Audio, official CMJ 2009 showcase at Local 269) and a 10 song demo later, they are hard at work finishing their debut LP, "Science & Advice."

Exit Clov
Exit Clov is a band from Washington, D.C. We write songs inspired by the madness of our city. Tunes of resistance, ennui and societal idiocy—music for 21st century kids. Our name, a tribute to Samuel's Beckett's "Endgame," is both a call to arms and a personal manifesto. We share a wide range of influences from Blondie to Bartok but most of all we love a good hook. Consider our choruses a respite from the soundbite society we live in. Someone once called us "kaleidoscopic pop noir," we think that sounds pretty cool.

Circadian Rhythms
Circadian Rhythms LP are in the midst of putting out an untitled EP with an independent philly label called EARSNAKE. The Circadian Rhythms work to blend all of their different influences into one body cohesively and this has been said about them, "From dark delta steez to kaleidoscopic soul, The Circadian Rhythms are a wholly unique if not slightly schizophrenic musical organism."—John "wrath of the math" Morrison.

State Department / Imperial China / Deutschmarks
State Department
State Department are a super group that is newly formed and has members of heavy hitters Ra Ra Rasputin, Spiritual Machine, and Black and White Jacksons. Patrick Kigongo, is either a wind-talker of guitar technology, or the Haley Joel Osment of indie-pop–he talks to ghosts of Echo and the Bunnymen and Felt with noisy, surfy riffs that glide along the steady, insistent drums parts. Michael Medlock keeps his vocals angry and personal, which is a lot better than sassy and sarcastic. With sparklers ignited, the group even takes it way back to the Velvet Underground’s iconic song Waiting for the Man, a number that turned into an orgiastic crowd-participation sort of thing when just about anybody was allowed onstage, and just about anybody was allowed to have a microphone.

Imperial China
"It would [be a mistake to think] that Imperial China is a straight-up rehash of its musical forebears... From a dynamics perspective, the three instruments constantly change allegiances, occasionally veering off in three different directions at once. But the end result is always cohesive—and, more importantly, contemporary." - Washington City Paper, July 2008.

"Imperial China, a trio from DC, carry on the city's long and proud legacy of slashing, experimental post-punk that's equally brainy and ballsy. They create fierce grooves, turn on a dime, throw some weird electronic flourishes in for good measure, and shimmy about on stage like they took dancing lessons from Guy Picciotto." - Philadelphia Weekly, January 7, 2009.

Deutschmarks is Chris DeWitt's solo music project. The live group includes members of DC bands Pree, Frau Eva and Wild Fictions. Deutschmarks sits on a pier of pulsing rhythms and and freewheeling melodies and throws little pebbles of misplaced nostalgia and Catholic mysticism into a big ol salty sea. Owing as much to early Who and CCR as he does to Les Savy Fav and Jens Lekman, helmsman Chris DeWitt barks and hollers and croons his way through a lively and energetic set of barn-burners


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