Wednesday, December 30, 2009

TVD | Regifted (It's a contest actually.)

I'm not too surprised that yesterday's Regifting Giveaway was met with a resounding chorus of crickets, but today I've got a good one for you.

I'm not sure how many year-end montages I've sat through featuring the big name celebrities who passed away in 2009, but the one that hit home the most for me was the loss of Orpheus Records in Clarendon this past year. A weekend doesn't go by when I'm longing to be rifling through Rick's well stocked bins with old gems and new arrivals.

But as the store was fading and everything had to go, often times for a mere dollar, I found that I often purchased two—sometimes three—copies of the same record in a flurry of mad, mad purchasing.

So, our final Regifting Giveaway...I'll randomly pick three LPs from this stack of doubles or triples and hell, I'll even mail them to the winner who catches our attention in the comments to this post. You'll have to trust my judgment with the selections, but I'm thinking if you're visiting us with any frequency, you'll be OK with what lands on your doorstep.

You've got 24 hours...make 'em good and be sure to leave us some contact info.

Action Painters - 456 (Mp3)
Art Brut - Alcoholics Unanimous (Mp3)
Black Lips - Stranger (Mp3)
iamvexed - Be Wise (Mp3)
Joe Jackson - Got The Time (Mp3)


harmolodic said...

Who wouldn't want to try for some free records?
[ michaelfortes (at) ]

Admiral Duke said...

I am totally in. I have a new toy to listen to vinyl on. I own an awesome Sony turntable, BUT my Wife, being the thrift store maven that she is, found an ASTONISHINGLY well taken care of Fisher Price record player, and for reasons I can't quite explain, THAT ancient yet unbelievably cool piece of throwback plastic has been used every day since she bought it. Playing everything from Disney albums to The GO, Fleetwood Mac,Johnny Cash and Elvis Costello. When I get my vinyl copy of Matisyahu's "Light" It will probably be getting played a few times on it right away. The weird/cool thing is, It is a perfect record player for the kitchen. Who Knew?

Chris said...

As you know, TVD is something i always look forward to checking out-- mainly because you cover a wide swath of music with a vinyl focus. As the lead partner of a small artist run label -- making vinyl is certainly a labor of love (released Girl Loves Distortion's "You Better Run, Your Highness" on multi-color clear 160g vinyl in July). You are a great place for like minded people to get turned on to some wax.

2009 was a busy year. I'd love to throw my hat back in the ring as a contender for some free giveaways of your discretion. I just replaced my needle (I highly recommend the Shure M97xE High-P Magnetic Phono Cartridge Needle) and the grooves have never sounded better.

Let me know how Etxe Records can help out TVD. We want to. It makes sense for us on so many levels.

Happy New Year Jon!!!

Etxe Records

P.S. Where can we send you some of our vinyl?

urban monster said...

I agree with Chris, free vinyl to bring in the New Year would be preedy amazing. Kick on the tunes, never look back, and march forward...

groutgauss (at) gmail (dot) com

You shall know our family said...

Heck yes! Always looking for new vinyl. I enjoy reading your site and stop by often to see whats up. Thanks for a great site.

You shall know our family said...


Alejandro said...

I would <3 free vinyl also. I just started collecting, so my collection is small, but you can help make my collection bigger!

smith DOT metal AT gmail DOT com

polk said...

yo tvd -

since my wife (after a few years of my old turntable and i in 'man cave' [ahem] exile out in the garage) has agreed to allow my new turntable into our living room, i'm going to require some fresh vinyl to spin for these honkeys.

here's to more records. there can never be enough...


Anonymous said...

This is so awesome just the fact you dont know what you might get makes it all the better. I love these types of giveaways!

magna_man57 at yahoo dot com

Matthew said...

Ohhh - I love the idea of receiving some mystery vinyl in the mail. I also just finished putting together my new stereo system: Pro-Ject Debut III, PSB speakers, Cambridge Pre-AMp and Phono Stage. I'd love to audition some new records on the system!