Wednesday, December 30, 2009

TVD's Sunday Hangover | Gifts Galore

Hello music-savvy friends. Right, so I’ve been M.I.A. for a while ‘cause I haven’t been attending too many shows recently…. Not because I don’t WANT to, but b/c the federal govt pays me like shit and I’m too damn broke. There were some good shows recently that unfortunately I did miss…. Anyone make it to Lee “Scratch” Perry/See-i? Totally bummed I had to miss it……..

Anywhooo…. I know you were all massively worried you hadn’t heard from me so I’ve decided that from now on I shall grace you with a WEEKLY dose of my mind-numbing DC/music accounts every Monday morning, in what I like to call, “The Sunday Hangover.” Please bear in mind my brain is generally functioning at a third of the capacity on Monday’s so you’ll be sure to get the most honest and possibly semi-incoherent recap of the past weekend's events. Sounds tremendous, I know…. but entertaining, none-the-less.

On another note…. Out of the kindness of my heart, as a holiday gift to you, I’ve decided to burn all of the loyal Vinyl District readers a ‘digital cd’. It’s chalk full of new indie tunes such as BEACH HOUSE who are blowing up recently (new album drops Jan 26th and if you like My Morning Jacket then you should check that out!) and the new SPOON song, ‘Written in Reverse’ which is sorta darker than you would imagine, yet incredible. Not to mention a HOT CHIP cover of JOY DIVISION (Transmission), an ARCADE FIRE cover of TALKING HEADS (Naïve Melody), and THE XX/FLORENCE and the MACHINE. I’ve also put some of my fave electro/disco jams in there to spice up your new years. Enjoy… and if you don’t…. at least pretend you do!

Caio and see you in 2010!

TVD's Sunday Hangover - Holiday Mix 2009