Monday, November 9, 2009

TVD's Fall Vinyl Giveaways Week

Sometimes running this blog is akin to a juggling act. We’re quite happily inundated with offers and opportunities often too numerous to address, yet find ourselves saying “...yes!” to the point of having a backlog of contests in the queue.

With that said, ...welcome to ‘TVD’s Fall Vinyl Giveaways Week!’ whereby we get to upend the backlog of vinyl offers we’ve been given and pass on the vinyl right to you guys. Right from the ‘first taste is free’ playbook.

Here’s how it’ll play out: each day this week we’ll post a new LP on the blog in anticipation of your breathy comments to come. Persuade us in some manner that you should be the rightful owner of said LP, and in turn we’ll choose all of the winners this coming Saturday (11/14) and ship all of the vinyl out on the following Monday (11/16.)

And man do we have some cool stuff to offer every day of this week.

First up: The Gossip’s new Rick Rubin-produced ‘Music for Men’ on double 180gram vinyl which has seen pretty heavy rotation here at TVD HQ.

More surprises await tomorrow and all week, but for now, you’re up!


natty Boom said...

super band. glad they are getting more recognition. just saw them at 930 club and got sweated on (in a good way). didn't have the dough for the LP, so hook it up, jon.

willsimps said...

yeah they are an awesome band. Her vocals are so pure and strong, my wife Avé introduced them to me and I was immensely joyous that she did!

BigPapi said...

I got turned on to The Gossip when "Standing In The Way Of Control" came out and immediately fell in love with Beth Ditto's vocals and her personality. I was intrigued (and a bit scared) when they jumped ship from Kill Rock Stars to Columbia, but whenever Rick Rubin's involved it always piques my interest. I haven't heard anything off this album other than "Heavy Cross", but dig that tune. I would've loved to catch them when they were touring a few weeks ago, but my wife and I just had a baby so I'm homebound for the forseeable future. Since I can't get the live music experience, I'd love to get the album on wax so I can at least spin it at home and introduce my little guy to his rock education (we listened to the new Mission of Burma album together on vinyl last Saturday night). I guess I'm asking to win the album so I can be one of those douchebag hipster dads, but hey, it beats listening to the Wiggles! Oh yeah, and I also love the album cover artwork, quite beguiling and it'd be more fun to stare at a full size version instead of a little CD case square. Kind of like a punkabilly kd lang meets Elvis.