Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TVD's Comet Calendar for October, 2009 | The show of your choice is FREE!

TVD and Comet Ping Pong are excited to launch a new series of ticket giveaway contests where each month you can see your show of choice at Comet—FREE. Simply because we're looking out for you and your good time.

Here's how it'll work: each month we'll publish Comet's full schedule right here at TVD, you choose the show you'd like to see and be the first person to claim the tickets for that show in the comments to this post (with contact info!) and you're in FREE—no questions asked.

It's that simple. No long love letters, nothin'.

There will be just ONE winner for a pair of tickets allowed per show and you can't win more than once in a month. (Hey, we gotta have SOME rules...)

We're starting mid-month this time so the schedule below picks up where we are on the calendar right now. Check back soon for November's full calendar and updates as bands get added.

The giveaways start TODAY, so get to it...

Lovvers/ ZZZ

Post Punks hailing from the UK. "These kids are alright" Lovvers are a strange mix of music’s forgotten / blank generation, re-calling the spirit of Darby Crashes’ Germs, the weirdness of Flipper, Wipers style pop and the careless attitude of The Replacements; at one show a girl was so confused / annoyed that she wrote to KERRANG describing this music as “highly offensive, wanting to erase them from her mind." Offensive? Then it has to be good...right?

Birds of Avalon/ Loose Lips

Birds of Avalon
The monsters of North Carolina psycherock blow into the city with howls and roars. Testify.
Loose Lips
Don't say a word, let the blood shake your heart as DC's own shows you what you need to know.

The Heiz (Tokyo, Japan)/Love the Bomb

This one's already FREE!
The Heiz
Shaku and Asako were members of the well-known Tokyo electro-rock band Milkteath while Kimura played drums for indie rock band Outside. Both bands released many CDs and DVDs, toured Japan nationwide numerous times, and appeared on several television shows. But Shaku, Asako, and Kimura couldn’t get any satisfaction…

The three members of “the heiz” first met in 2005 when their respective bands played together for the first time. Three years worth of jam sessions later and “the heiz” were born.

The theme of "the heiz" is "DO NATURALLY”. "the heiz" eat MUSIC and excrete ROCK’N’ROLL. "the heiz" want to make pure music, like the musicians that inspire them. “the heiz” really want you to hear their ROCK’N’ROLL.

Love the Bomb
Sal used to be in Blondsai, Mike used to be in the Gamma Rays and still is in Geisha Lightning. One night they got drunk at a lackluster Jay Reatard show and decided to form a band.


ed said...

Birds Of Avalon bayba! - Ed - heyeddie - at - hot mail (did I jumble that enough to fool the spambots?)

anna said...

lovvers, please - anna & joe, big comet fans from @propertopper, gmail -

Jon said...

Ding! That's how it's done, folks.

Jon said...

Lovvers/ZZZ is open again...