Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TVD | I Go Walking

Four times a day, often at half hour stretches...there’s plenty of time for reflection and the mind to wander. A song to sing. A record to recall.

Pete just sniffs along too. The perfect spot is here – no, there. Here – no, there. And no perceived lack of shame to be doing it outdoors at the height of the evening’s rush hour. Business men wind their way around Pete’s business.

I recall my dad saying goodbye to Pete the morning he left for the hospital before his heart operation. ‘I’ll be back...’ he said in his best Arnold impersonation, but didn’t return. So Pete became my mom’s dog alone.

My mom had her fall this summer and was yanked from her home by paramedics without, I’m guessing, a farewell Pete. And from what I understand, she hasn’t been asking for him from the Alzheimer’s wing of the nursing home at all.

So, four times a day, often at half hour stretches...he takes his sweet ol’ time.

Richard Pryor - Acid (Mp3)
Silver Sun - Far Out (Mp3)
Shudder To Think - Hot One (Mp3)
Bee & Flower - Wounded Walking (Mp3)
Starling Electric - She Goes Through Phases (Mp3)


The Warden said...

Check your blog out on a daily basis b/c we have very similar tastes. Love vintage punk / new wave most of all, bands like Only Ones, Graham Parker, Dead Boys, John Cooper Clarke, etc.

I can really relate to today's post. Man, I lost my dad 10 years ago, mom over 5 years ago, not a day goes by I don't wish they were still around. All you guys who still have your parental units: don't take 'em for granted, even if you don't always get along or see eye to eye. Give 'em a call, tell 'em so, before it's too late.

Davy H said...

I think you and Pete are lucky to have found each other.

Jon said...

I'll try to remember that when he's waking me for a walk at 6:00am.