Friday, September 11, 2009

TVD Vinyl Giveaways for the Last 33-1/3 Days of Summer!

"In its prime, San Francisco's Flipper was a magnificent, fascinating entity, playing what might have been typical hardcore music at an unsettlingly slow speed: like a 45 slowed down to sub-LP pace, a flawless impression of a downed-out hardcore band. The harsh music lumbers and creaks, oozing feedback all the way. Flipper could be your car on the verge of a total breakdown or your worst hangover nightmare amped up to brain-splitting volume..." to quote Trouser Press.

Find out for yourself in another TVD Vinyl Giveaway for the Last 33-1/3 Days of Summer! In recognition of Flipper's catalog being rereleased on 180 gram vinyl, we've got FOUR LPs to offer you this week: Generic Flipper, Public Flipper Limited, Gone Fishin’ and Sex Bomb Baby!

But that ain't all, as they say. We've got a Flipper t-shirt to toss into the mix and a signed poster by the entire band - which includes the John Hancock from the guy who used to play bass in Nirvana who joined—and left!—Flipper recently.

So, who loves you? We do.

Shout it out loud in the comments where we can hear you clearly, and the best and the brightest will find this Flipper prize package on their doorstep. This 33-1/3 Days of Summer Vinyl Giveaway ends next Monday (9/14) when we'll queue up yet another! Now, get to it!


dyanna said...

I like your blog very much.I'm waiting for your new posts.

Chris Goett said...
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Chris Goett said...

Duuuuuuuuuuude Flipper in 180g? That is just what i need to get me through the chill of Fall. Generic Flipper used to get me THROUGH my high school job (landscaping in hot south florida) . . . it was a grueling job cutting lawns and whatnot for all these peeps on the nice side of town. Listening to Flipper was therapuetic!

Chris/ Girl Loves Distortion

Dickie said...

My son is in high school now and, as seems inevitable, he has his interests leading him away from me - a girlfriend, his friends, a bunch of kids he jams with, etc. But, one of the best things we have together is an abiding love for music that crosses generations. He'll ask about and sometimes play my old vinyl, the couple of records that survived my 1984 dorm fire. My "Generic Flipper" did not survive, however, and thus far he has been rather unimpressed with the mp3 tracks I've found and put on his iPod. Hmmm.... if I had some vinyl to share with him...?
Whether you heed my plea to keep Flipper transcending generations or not, I've been loving your blog for a while now (who can deny a blog that dregs up Nick Guilder? the Vapors?) and hope you'll keep up the fantastic work!

Nazz Nomad said...

Flipper suffered for their music. It's still my turn. Besides, my "generic flipper" t-shirt has somehow shrunk three sizes overt he past 25 years and I need another one to wear to my kid's parent teacher cionferences.

damian said...

Dear TVD,

When I was in High School, I used to sit at my boombox with the dial turned to the local college station, my finger on the record button so that if I heard anything interesting, I could hit it. Then after a half hour or so the DJ would come on and rattle off a loooong list of unknown-to-me band names. Sometimes I would identify the correct band, go and buy the correct record and be happy. Other times, I would get it wrong, and go buy the wrong record. One time, the song was If I Can't Be Drunk on Public Flipper Ltd. Instead, I bought Positively Dumptruck by Dumptruck and was disappointed. This swag would help to alleviate the hearache I went through 22 years ago. Thanks.

Jon said...

This contest is now closed and the winner notified. Thanks so much to all for entering and reading!