Monday, July 20, 2009

TVD Remembers | Gordon Waller

After the Beatles conquered America in 1964, many other British groups found transatlantic fame and fortune. The first song of this British invasion to top the American charts was Peter and Gordon's A World Without Love, composed by Paul McCartney. The duo were Peter Asher (brother of Jane Asher, the actress) and Gordon Waller, who has died aged 64 of a heart attack.

Peter & Gordon - A World Without Love (Mp3)
Peter & Gordon - Crying In The Rain (Mp3)
Peter & Gordon - Knight In Rusty Armour (Mp3)
Peter & Gordon - Lady Godiva (Mp3)


mmrules said...

Keep coming up with only 17KB for your Peter & Gordon - I Go To Pieces (Mp3)..

Jon said...

Sorry MM - file seems to be corrupted...