Monday, July 20, 2009

TVD On Your (AM) Radio

I was commenting recently in regard to growing up that I think the best gift parents can give their children is the gift of fond memories and peace of mind. I know – often a tall order, but I stand by it.

And I can’t help it...summer comes around and I’m nostalgic for summer times that don’t involve the city, or a commute, or a day job, ...or anything else but Sweet FA. And the score to those daydreams is sweet, sweet 70’s AM radio goodness.

So, this week as we did last summer, it’s a dip into the ol’ ‘70’s box of 45’s. But if you had been keeping score previously, we’re endeavoring to not duplicate last year’s flashback in our pursuit of pure 70’s mellow gold. (I mean, have YOU ever been mellow?)

Harry Nilsson - Without You (Mp3)
Gordon Lightfoot - Sundown (Mp3)
America - Tin Man (Mp3)
Jim Croce - I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song (Mp3)
Neil Sedaka - Laughter in the Rain (Mp3)


Mark said...

I've been listening to all of those songs of late. Created a nifty playlist with Genius in iTunes and the memories just slide back...

Jon said...

And such is the endeavor for the week, Mark...

SteveA said...

I have this America album on Vinyl, and whenever I feel down I would play it. I love all of the songs on it - although they are a bit sad they make me feel good. Reminds me of my brother and my sister (who have all of the America albums).

ravenfrank said...

I remember growing up in Philly in the 1960s listening to an old Zenith tube radio my parents let me have in my bedroom. I basically could not sleep without the constant hum of that radio and it's AM music station songs (which, BTW, there were a LOT more of and a lot less mindless chatter). That was 1965... in a few years I discovered college radio there on the FM dial and I have not looked back.

Honestly, for many many years now I can't tolerate commercial radio, save for traffic. It is a total wasteland. Gimme my memories back!

Great subject, Jon.