Wednesday, June 10, 2009

TVD Live Tease | Exit Clov TONIGHT (6/10) at The Black Cat

Exit Clov, a five piece standard on the DC scene for the past half decade, took some time to talk to TVD prior to their show tonight at the Black Cat. The Clov is fronted by Susan & Emily Hsu, twin sister threats on guitar, keyboards, and dueling vocals/violins. They are surrounded by the tight trio of Aaron Leeder on power guitar, Brett Niederman on funk bass, and John Thayer on break drums.

Much has been written in DC about the band, who have gone far in this town. They're taking things a bit further these days, up to New York City, where half the band has officially relocated for now. Though they didn't have time for an official TVD First Date, they did open up a bit with some teaser thoughts for us...

1) What can we expect at your show?

Brett: Best Exit Clov show EVER.

2) What do you think of DC nowadays?
Suz: DC feels like an old lover. Probably learned all there is to know about it yet it grows dearer to the heart everyday.

3) How's NYC been treating you all?
Suz: I don't live there so it still feels like a vacation whenever I'm there.

4) Fave DC & NYC bands?
Em: Yeasayer, Blonde Redhead, YYY, Bluebrain (and Matt & Kim but only the synth riff in Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare!)

5) Fave DC & NYC stages?
Em and Aaron: Bowery Ballroom, Union Hall, Black Cat, IOTA

6) Fave/1st records on vinyl?
Suz: None of us are vinyl collectors, but I'm working on setting up a turntable and sound system for my apartment. My first record that I actually owned was a gift - Belle & Sebastian's "Jonathan David."
Aaron: The Beatles - Abbey Road, Michael Jackson - Thriller

(Thanks to our pal Ben for putting it together...)

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