Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A TVD 24-hour Ticket Giveaway! | A Camp, Thursday (5/28) at the 9:30

A Camp, the (semi) new project from Nina Persson of the Cardigans, Nathan Larson from DC's own Shudder to Think, and Niclas Frisk of Atomic Swing bring their dreamy pop sensibilities to the 9:30 Club this Thursday night and TVD's got a pair of tickets to put in your dreamy, sensible hands.

Now, recite along with me: grab our attention in the comments below (with your contact info!) singing the praises of the woodsy, melancholic, tunesmiths in A Camp, and the pair of tickets for the evening's bonfire just may be yours. We'll choose one winner on Thursday morning so make 'em fast and make 'em ...smashing.

A Camp - Love Has Left the Room (Mp3)


dickvandyke said...

Well I'm gonna up the 1 minute and 20 seconds average - just to ogle the bird with the lippy!

Speaking of 'semi' projects, I'd love to witness A Camp in concert. Unfortunately and as usual, Nina Persson's path does not meet mine. Sigh. She does look a wee bit bookended by beards in that pic.

Great tunes by the way this week Mr Jon.

Oh no - 7.45 and I'm done!

Anonymous said...

jeez thats the best sweetest song i've heard i ages. really. wow. shamus