Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Record Store Day Presents Vinyl Saturday!

If you thought Record Store Day was going to be a once a year endeavor, well...think again.

"Record Store Day Presents Vinyl Saturday" arrives on June 20th.

Vinyl Saturday will take place the third Saturday of each month and will offer music fans special vinyl releases that are limited and exclusive, along with highlighting non-exclusive but new vinyl releases and reissues.

The first Record Store Day Presents Vinyl Saturday will be on Saturday, June 20th and will feature a special Green Day 7" single that is limited to 4000 total being made. Each single is numbered. The 7" single will feature two tracks. Side A is "Know Your Enemy" and Side B is "Hearts Collide" (a previously unreleased track.)

Vinyl Saturday will also see the release of a new limited edition Pete Yorn 7" single and it will feature a duet with Scarlett Johansson and an unreleased demo track.

The next Record Store Day Presents Vinyl Saturday will take place on Saturday, July 18th. Keep checking back to TVD as we’ll highlight forthcoming Vinyl Saturday releases as they’re made known.


Anonymous said...

Yea, heard the York Johansson track today and frankly was expecting a whole lot of awful. In reality it was quite good. Shamus

jen said...

Those Darlins are giving a pair of Blublockers to Those who buy the vinyl.