Friday, April 17, 2009

TVD's Record Store Day Parting Shots!

Back in December when I spoke with Michael Kurtz of Music Monitor Network, and organizer of Record Store Day to discuss this blog’s designation as the ‘Blog of Record’ for Record Store Day, we had quite a number of plans going forward.

And about a HALF of ‘em came to pass over the ensuing months.


The response to Record Store Day has been wonderfully positive--and certainly overwhelming. Neither he nor I knew just how big this endeavor would become or how unwieldy the process of information gathering and tracking would evolve. I mean, he knew it'd be big, just not HOW big.

The bands, the labels, the stores, the sponsors, and the promoters are all owed a huge thank you for participating in what is truly a labor of love.

Personally, I’d like to thank all of you who’ve been enthusiastic supporters of this blog’s mission and those of you who’ve taken part in the contests and have written to show your support. Brad McCormick at WMG is owed a special thanks for putting together our Eleven Weeks of Vinyl Giveaways. Stanton Magnetics and Worn Free are due some warm thanks as well.

If you’re in DC, Jason Cherkis has provided a fine overview of local events in the area at WCP’s Black Plastic Bag. The Record Store Day website has the most up to date listing of national and international going’s on right here. But the rest is up to you folks—get out there tomorrow and show the love.

And would it kill ya’ to buy some records?

Didn’t think so.

Go Home Productions - Making Plans For Vinyl (Mp3)
The Fad - Vinyl Paradise (Mp3)
Bankrupt - Record Store Renegade (Mp3)
Fable Factory - Record Store (Mp3)
Brian Seymour - Vinyl (Mp3)
Vinyl Candy - California (Mp3)
Coo Coo Rockin' Time - Put Records Back in the Record Store (Mp3)
Vinyl - Morse Code (Mp3)
The Records - Starry Eyes (Mp3)
Enough Rope - The Empty Record Store Cocaine Party Dream (Mp3)


Joe said...

I did my part. Went to my local independent music store and picked up some things that must've made the clerk think I was a lunatic, but they represent the variety of my library:
Dresden Dolls, Beach Boys, Shakira, and Quiet Riot.

Also the Robot Chicken Star Wars episode on DVD.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it hypocritical to write about a post about record store day and in the same post link to MP3s hosted on an external 'downloading' service?

It's like saying support local movie theatres and go see a movie, but by the way, here's a link to download the movie for free if you are too lazy or just don't care, or both.

JON said...

Here at THE VINYL DISTRICT we're good consumers. All Mp3's are posted to promote and give exposure to the music and are linked for a limited time. Please download to preview, then head promptly to your local vinyl vendor (or - OK, CD store too) and fork over your hard earned cash. You'll appreciate the piece of mind.

...which is what it says over there to the left, Anon.