Sunday, April 5, 2009

TVD's Eleven Weeks of Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaways | Week 10!

I like to think that one underlying, yet recurring theme here at TVD, is that vinyl in all of its various formats is a contemporary medium--perhaps even more so than CDs at the moment.

In tandem with this notion is our constant search for new artists or bands with an affinity for vinyl, who are releasing new product on vinyl, and who go so far as to have a record literally tattooed on their person. (Ahem...)

It is with this in mind ladies and gents, TVD's Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaway Week #10 is most proud to present: Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles' new release 'The Stars Are Out!'

"The ten selections of 'The Stars Are Out'—five new originals, and five covers—winnowed down by Sarah, band mates—guitarist Lyle Brewer, bassist Binky, and drummer Rob Dulaney—and producers Paul Q. Kolderie (the Pixies, Lemonheads, Radiohead) and Adam Taylor, include tunes attributed to Smokey Robinson (a radically reworked “Being With You”), Stiff Records act Any Trouble (“Yesterday'sLove,” penned by Clive Gregson), and the Magnetic Fields' “No One Will Ever Love You.”

The results of 'The Stars Are Out' include the slinky, '60s stroll of “Me and Your Ghost”; the flirtatious, guitar-driven kickoff, “Do It For Free”; and “It Comes To Me Naturally,” a hip-shaking tale of a girl-about-town, originally recorded by bar band supreme NRBQ."

We'll have three winners for this particular giveaway. Sarah's given TVD a highly limited clear orange vinyl copy of 'The Stars Are Out' and the 7" single from her previous LP, 'The Day We Met' for one grand prize winner. Two runners up will receive 'The Day We Met' 7" and a CD copy of 'The Stars Are Out.'

The drill is the same, grab our attention in the comments (WITH your email address--important!) gushing over TVD's Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaway Week #10. (Or, you can comment and forward your email address in an email to us. We're not picky.) And remember - each entry into our vinyl contest is an automatic entry to win the Stanton T.90 USB turntable on Record Store Day 2009!

Just make it funny. Or make it smart. About record stores. Or Record Store Day. Or vinyl. About us or you. Or something else all together. Just make it before next Monday (4/6) when we'll choose our winner. (AND launch our LAST RSD09 vinyl giveaway -- #11 of 11!)

Sarah Borges - Better At The End Of The Day (Mp3)


Anonymous said...

I a new vinyl junkie and I want it! I want it! Reeps wants it!

Anonymous said...

I meant I AM a new junkie...eamail

Sofia said...

I turned 20 years old last Wednesday and finally got my own record player as a birthday present from my dad, a big step towards my vinyl addiction. I would love to add this record to my small but growing collection because when I saw the picture of Sarah's tatoo, I realized that I had finally found the design I wanted. It's be nice to be able to hold the record up and tell everyone that this was the reason I found it.

JON said...

Allow me to personally give a shout out to your dad. Very, very cool...

anntje said...

Record tattoos are sweet, matching record tattoos... even sweeter! I've never heard of this band, but anyone that does clear orange vinyl is alright by me.

Oh, I also got my vinyl in the mail from one of the previous giveaways. Totally made my week! Definitely put a huge smile on my face. Thanks so much TVD!