Monday, March 23, 2009

TVD On Your Radio

Know what I still do each morning to start the day? I turn on the radio like I’ve done for a million years. But over time, radio’s come to turn me off. Where once the staple of the sunrise was the sweet, sweet sound of SOMEthing musical, it’s all news and talk radio for me now.

And it’s not because I’ve abandoned the music stations—they’ve abandoned me. And yes, I have Sirius/XM radio, but aside from Little Steven’s truly inspired garage rock show—the rest of the stuff is the same ol’ box of records--just sorted a bit differently.

I’ve also felt quite often that this blog endeavor was a bit like radio DJing like I did back in my college days. Log into Blogger/switch on the mike—and we’re live.

Well, sit back. Relax. Let me program your radio for a week. Or more.

(Harry Nilsson) Arrow 93FM Radio Spot (Mp3)
Joe Jackson - On Your Radio (Live) (Mp3)
Selecter - On My Radio (Mp3)
Radio Stars - Nervous Wreck (Mp3)
The Clash - This Is Radio Clash (Mp3)
Rush - Spirit Of Radio (Mp3)


Anonymous said...

You forgot "Song on the Radio" by Al Stewart.

Or not...

JON said...

Honestly, I don't know that song...?!

Anonymous said...

Well then, we must correct this!


Love the blog, BTW.

JON said...

Thanks! It's like the 80's never happened...

Anonymous said...

Most Al Stewart fans dislike this song. Because it's so blatant an attempt to get on the radio.

And it worked!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of vinyl... am I the only one who owns I'm the Man in a box of 7" singles (with a poster!!)? Shamus