Thursday, February 19, 2009

TVD's One Million Screaming Girls

One gloriously sunny and warm June Saturday morning, I took my bike out of the garage and peddled over to my school at the time, Shark River Hills Elementary, where there was a little flea market of sorts being held. With a few coins in my pocket, I purchased two coverless Partridge Family comic books, rode down Elizabeth Terrace to my home, and read both under the shade of a tree on my front lawn.

Around me bees swirled. Lawns were being mowed. Flowers planted. Cars washed. Dogs walked. Mothers made lunches. Fathers tinkered in garages. And I confess without any hint of irony--I never felt more at peace.

The Partridge Family - Come On Get Happy (Mp3)
The Partridge Family - I Woke Up In Love This Morning (Mp3)
The Partridge Family - Think I Love You (Mp3)
The Partridge Family - Bandala (Mp3)
The Partridge Family - Welcome To Our Fan Club (Mp3)
David Cassidy - Welcome To My Fan Club (Mp3)


Eddie said...

Defranco Family had it all over the Partridge Family

JON said...

Heartbeat, it's a love beat...

Fabo said...

The Partridge Family's Summer Days can still make me feel soooo happy. I can hear it and suddenly feel like I did at 8 in my room , singing and dancing with abandon. No shame all!

WarmWind said...

"I Can Hear Your Heartbeat" by the Partridge Family is one of the BEST pop songs EVER recorded. Period.