Wednesday, February 18, 2009

TVD First Date With | Inward Eye

Fresh off the road supporting The Who, you'd think that Winnipeg's Inward Eye, who cite influences as varied as The Kinks, The Jam, Smokey Robinson, and Holland-Dozier-Holland, might have a thing or two to say regarding vinyl records. And you'd be right.

We caught up with the trio's bassist and vocalist Dave Erickson, with a flashback or five:

"My earliest memory of vinyl records was the smell. Opening my dad's wooden drawer filled with old relics, I remember this earthy organic smell filling the air, much like the sound. Flipping through the strange looking artwork wondering what they all sounded like is how I first fell in love with music.

I remember hearing vinyl for the first time and loving the warmth of the bass and how everything seemed to meld into one big sound, like it was pulsing together, with a real heart and soul. You really can't achieve that with a CD or iPod. Some may say that a CD has a "truer" sound because it has a greater bandwidth, but there is something about putting on an old record that seems to suspends reality for moment without the sterile pro-tooled sound."

INWARD EYE - SHAME from Rémy M.Larochelle on Vimeo.

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