Thursday, February 5, 2009

TVD Ticket Giveaway | The Submarines & The Morning Benders | Black Cat, Sunday, February 8th

The Submarines have covered The Morning Benders. The Morning Benders have covered The Submarines. Now TVD's got you covered with a pair of tickets for Sunday night's show at The Black Cat and a tour CD for the individual jumping up and down and waving in the comments to get our attention.

So now, here's a tip for one perfect Sunday -- head on over to Civilian Arts for the TVD, Som Records, and DC Soul-sponsored Record Fair, then zip on over to the Cat and catch the Subs and the Benders live. It does not get better, now does it?

The contest closes on Friday, so get to typing! (Remember to leave us some contact info too!)

The Submarines - Waiting for a War [Morning Benders Cover] (Mp3)
The Morning Benders - 1940 [Submarines Cover] (Mp3)


Ross said...

Look, I would gladly shell out the $10 to go see The Submarines and The Morning Benders. I really enjoyed The Submarines latest album, it was one of my favorites last year. But for reasons I cannot fathom, I'm having trouble convincing anyone to go with me. Nothing can solve that problem quite like free tickets!

Anonymous said...

Unlike Ross I DO have someone who would love to go and see the Submarines with me… So if I pay for Ross's ticket and you give me two free ones, everybody's happy and it's a win-win for all Submarine fans concerned.
John at

Valerie said...

I dig The Submarines. Seeing them for free would be cool :)

Nonesuch said...

I am 51 and a huge fan of The Submarines! I listened to The Morning Benders who I had not heard before and now like them as well! I just turned my 21 yr. old son onto The Submarines and he would love to go! The ticket price isn't that much but the gas to get from Harrisonburg to DC will use up a lot of what cash I have... Tickets would be great!!