Wednesday, December 10, 2008

TVD First Date With... | Carrigan

This week TVD sits down with Brooklyn-based experimental noise rocker Carrigan (aka Zack Martin) to get the story behind the tracks he's selected for his turn here at TVD. And wouldn't you know, he's got vinyl on his mind as well.

"'Valladolid' was a staple of the ever growing two-piece live set. I had many lyrical changes until I settled on those that were inspired by a trip through Mexico. Valladolid is a quaint little town in the Yucatan, just outside a group of impressive Mayan ruins, The lyrics were inspired by the drive through the sierra mtns, on route to the Yucatan, sipping on cheap Mexican beer in the back seat with my head out the window which eventually led to a stay in Valladolid literally cut out of the jungle.

'Sunshine Through the Waves' was written long after most of the songs from 'Young Men'. As a predominately acoustic song we decided to use it to give some dynamics to the record.

Since, roughly, grade school I have had a love for vinyl. It is the only format that has held it's unique personality through the many changes in music format. Nothing sounds like it and nothing ever will. My first two records were a Pavement album, I had heard on the UVM college radio station, and an old Corrosion Of Conformity album that some grizzled ex punk told me to buy. "It's fukin raunchy man" he said and I was to embarrassed to put it back on the shelf in front of him. So it goes..." - Zack Martin

Carrigan - Valladolid (Mp3)
Carrigan - Sunshine Through The Waves (Mp3)

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