Saturday, November 22, 2008

A TVD Orpheus Records Update: see ya' in December!

Direct from the Orpheus website as posted very early this morning: "I'm taking the leap of faith that if you are watching this site, this will be good news.... WE WILL BE OPEN IN DECEMBER..WISHING YOU ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS.!!!!..We will be Open this WEEKEND. Friday Nov 21 & Saturday Nov 22 Noon til 10PM & Sunday the 23rd Noon til 6PM..We will also be open next weekend November 28, 29 & 30..stay tuned for specific hours & days in December. The new release & re-issue lps that have never been part of the sale are back out, still FULL PRICE. MOST OTHER LPS IN THE STORE ARE ONE DOLLAR. THAT MEANS: if the sticker says it's 99 cents it's a dollar, if the sticker says it's $9.99, it's a dollar, if the sticker says it's $29.99 or even more (not likely) it's still one dollar. ,Come on in, stack 'em up and buy as much as you can afford, or more, for ONE DOLLAR EACH. Please bring boxes if you need them, we're out..."

"Stay tuned for the Second Annual Going Out of Business Sale in January," Rick remarked to me this afternoon...only HALF joking.


IntangibleArts said...


oh, and the date of the BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT / NEW CARROLLTON in-store performance has been moved up as well. It may change again, not sure, but it's one of those Saturdays in Dec (13th?). Stay tuned for details.

It'll be a surreal and somewhat noisy wake for the store. A happy death party, to drive the last nail in with smiles and tears.


Jon said...

I was on the premises as these dates were being shuffled about...