Wednesday, October 8, 2008

TVD First Date | ...with The White Noise Supremacists

If I was to be in town Friday, I'd be front and center at Dahlak, for sure:

"Brooklyn, NY singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Iféoluwa Babalola who performs as The White Noise Supremacists will play solo acoustic for the first time in D.C. at Dahlak on October 10, 2008. Her melodic indie rock/post punk/folk hybrid has drawn comparisons to My Bloody Valentine, Gang of Four, Radiohead, and Camera Obscura, to name a few.

Her socially conscious lyrics, DIY approach and memorable moniker have set her apart in NYC's indie rock scene just as much as her origins; she is a first generation American (Half Nigerian, half Sierra Leonean, born and raised in Brooklyn). Hers is a different perspective too long ignored in rock music and through her songwriting she has become a relatable voice to more and more previously faceless and voiceless fans of underground rock.

Refusing to accept being overrun by the trendy-yet-empty, caricature of itself hipster invasion taking over most independent rock these days, she is spreading her message of equality, iconoclasm and gender and racial empowerment through soaring guitars, thoughtful lyrics and danceable rhythms. Be there on the 10th when she brings it on down to Dahlak (for free!)."

The White Noise Supremacists - How Do You Wish To Go? (Mp3)
The White Noise Supremacists - Fighting Against the Sea (Mp3)

Catch The White Noise Supremacists this Friday (10/10) at Dahlak! FREE, 21+

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