Wednesday, September 10, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | John Lennon/ "Plastic Ono Band"

Does anyone think for one moment that after his success with his previous combo ( escapes me?) that Lennon would rest on his MBE-returning laurels, knock out a few radio friendly singles, and fill the rest of his first proper solo outing with well, crap? Indeed, no. In fact, just the opposite:

John Lennon - Hold On (Mp3)
John Lennon - I Found Out (Mp3)
John Lennon - Love (Mp3)
John Lennon - Mother (Mp3)
John Lennon - Remember (Mp3)


mmrules said...

Thank you..A great album/CD..

Ah..The summer of 1970..
Listening to this record on Oahu.
A balcony of The Ilikai Hotel to be exact..(Book Him Dano !)
My best friends family took me over there for 6, not to be forgotten weeks, when I was 16..
Too much fun..

Sure do miss John Lennon,still..

Anonymous said...

What a great album. Too bad he didn't keep up the solid output. I find everything between Imagine and Double Fantasy to be fairly hit or miss. And that's coming from someone who worships at the Lennon alter :)