Wednesday, September 10, 2008

TVD First Date | ...with The Great Northwest

Brian Coates of The Great Northwest sits down with us for this week's First Date:

"I sat down to write a couple of paragraphs, and it was coming out all formal and technical-like. There were things that went-

"The Great Northwest records in a variety of places to force a feeling of newness with the stimulation of change. Each song is influenced by the feelings experienced in the new space, and when all are assembled as a collection it affects one who listens to travel in a cohesive trip."

It felt rudimentary and lacking in style, though it was describing the actual sentiments properly.

It was an hour before I was to submit it, so I was rushed by the desire to really get a point across the way I'd wish for one to understand it, though more elegantly.

I had a smoke and relaxed.

I realized that simply saying that the Great Northwest records to play, plays to travel, and travels to record sums it up.

Ironically, the execution of the task of writing this is EXACTLY the way we record."

The Great Northwest - Chief John (Mp3)
The Great Northwest - Know What I Mean (Mp3)

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