Tuesday, September 2, 2008

TVD Shuffle Bored | September 2, 2008

So, you give me an extra day over the weekend and the gears in my brain start grinding away. And not in a particularly good way either. See, I'm having some mixed feelings suddenly about all the Mp3 posting going on here. I mean, ostensibly 99% of the readership checks in to see what's being posted and to download to make life bearable in what can be construed as the all consuming 9-5 work cubicle, I'm assuming. (Then there's the 1% that's here to proof spelling and proper syntax. Really, I get letters...)

The other day I read that The Blow Monkeys, a band who I kinda dug in the '80's, had a new CD out - something like 17 years after their last one was released. I was intrigued and happened upon the track 'The Bullet Train' that's being circulated with the band's consent posted by Mr. 17 Seconds...and y' know what - it kinda' killed. I thought the TVD readers would like to give it a preview too and as I'm searching for the LP art to post along with the track, one Google search page in - BOOM! - there's the ENTIRE release downloaded to my desktop before the thing has hit stores or even made land on iTunes. And guess what - I felt like crap. See, me--I WILL buy the thing if I like it and I can see ponying up to purchase this release--but really, how many others will?

Then there was the comment left a number of weeks back when TVD was doing it's 'Britpop 101' theme in regard to the Stone Roses post--an anonymous poster wondered aloud, "Is it entirely ethical however to post the 5 biggest tracks off the album?" I replied, " Yes, indeed. I trust the TVD readers--all excellent consumers--to preview here and then purchase. We're cheerleaders, not pirates." ...which I stand by. But really, how many others will go about buying the thing?

As a result, I'm thinking of reducing the number of tunes posted from ONE singular release from five to three and perhaps cutting in half their availability to one week as opposed to the two weeks as exists now in an effort to be even more promotional and less of a source for simply free tunes.

SO, am I onto something here with this or is this simply heresy? I'd truly be interested in hearing the thoughts from the many of you who visit daily and download yet refrain from commenting as well as the frequent commenters.
Keep things AS IS...or?

While you're pondering this, all week we'll be giving it to you randomly off the iPod. (Yes, that IS Leo Sayer down there. SIGH.)

Leo Sayer - You Make Me feel Like Dancing (Mp3)
Ultravox - Vienna (Mp3)
The Sound - One More Escape (Mp3)
Romeo Void - A Girl in Trouble (Mp3)
Moonbabies - Over My Head (Mp3)


Justin said...

I visit daily and download something maybe half the time, depending on who it is, what you've written about them, whether I already have the track(s), etc. When promoting a certain album, I think 3-4 tracks works as well as 5, though I would keep the numbers higher on Fridays and random days.
And for the record, I have bought a couple of the discs you've posted about since I started visiting 3 months ago.

Anonymous said...

I really wouldn't worry - if someone is after the whole of an album for free then they (generally) know to go to the nearest torrent - not your problem. My feeling is that if it's a brand new album then, yeah, maybe limit to three tracks - possibly chosen randomly to give the listener a "feel" for it. Although if you really want to "big up" the album maybe one killer track in there as well. On the other hand, if it's an album that's been out for absolutely ages then I think it's reasonable to assume that the artist has either a) got all the money they're gonna get (if it's an obscurity) or b) Made so much off it already that they can afford to let a few copies go free with the possibility that it'll encourage people to buy their newer stuff. in this case I can't see the problem with putting up most or even all the tracks especially if it's a much loved rarity you want to share with the world.

Todd said...

It's your blog. Do whatever you want to do.

Me, I seldom download anything from here. But I stop by almost every day to see what you are writing/ talking about.

Anonymous said...

Agree with anonymous's sentiment above - keep posting.
By the way, I hope Midge Ure has seen a little pocket change from me by now. In the 80s my brother and I bought the Vienna album to play on the turntable we purchased together with money from our paper route. Then after my brother inexplicably "loaned" the turntable long-term to Spike, I bought the cd. Can't say I listen to much Ultravox these days, but I did quote the lyrics from Vienna for a a paper on fin de siecle Vienna in graduate school. No one caught the reference.

Urban Gypsy said...

I've been thinking about this since you posted. I am going to say something which reflects my personal listening style and I hope doesn't offend anyone... In some cases, there are only 4-5 decent tracks to be had on an album at all. Sometimes even fewer than that. That's why mp3 blogs appeal to people like me who favor mixtaps over the full-album experience. That being said, I'm also a listen-before-I-buy person, so blogs like yours exponentially increase my likelihood of committing my cash to an album at all. In any case, I get really mad when commenters (especially anonymous ones) drop by and start telling the blogger how to run their blog. I am always humbled by and grateful to the generous, music-loving souls who spend their time and effort offering music and delightful commentary to their readers. So I think people should just pipe down and enjoy it. I would be equally happy should you choose to keep things as they are, or cut down on number of tracks and availability. It's your call and we trust you to do the right thing.

Davy H said...

Jon, you can post as many bloody songs as you like as far as I'm concerned, just don't post any more bloody Leo Sayer x

3-Pin said...

Jon - I check in about every 4th day and download some stuff to listen to for a week or so before scrapping it. I do buy cds and vinyl based on tracks that I hear and really enjoy your blog because it provides that sneak preview (and backstory) to justify my purchases. I have spent over the years (and likely all of us have spent) a ton of $$ on dreck that had only one "hit" and the rest was filler. The two weeks does give me a window to check up on stuff because of my travel schedule. As to the number of cuts - dealer's choice; whatever you choose is appreciated. Thanx.