Friday, August 29, 2008

TVD's Parting Shots

New name but same old 10-pack to play on 10 while you fix your hair for the weekend revelry. This Friday however, it's the first 10 random tracks on the iPod--and we'll be back on Tuesday with more of the same: iPod's set to stun...

Kitchens Of Distinction - Drive That Fast (Mp3)
Gin Blossoms - Found Out About You (Mp3)
Mission Of Burma - That's When I Reach for My Revolver (Mp3)
The Libertines - Death On The Stairs (Mp3)
Aurevoir Simone_Backyards (Mp3)
See-I - Why Not Tonight (Mp3)
Julian Cope - Lunatic And Fire-Pistol (Mp3)
Leerone - Happy + Homemade = (Mp3)
House Of Love - Road (Mp3)
Tones On Tail - Burning Skies (Mp3)


Urban Gypsy said...

Those tracks from the Gin Blossoms and Mission of Burma are two of my all-time favorite songs. Your ipod is, like, omnipotent. I hope you'll be having more weekend revelry than me... I'll be hunkered down in front of my laptop, typing. I need new tunes almost as much as I need chocolate and coffee to keep me going. Have a good one Jon! :)

Anonymous said...

Julian Cope. Nice one!